Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A year later

I wrote my first blog post on December 28, 2015.  It was a post about being in desperate need to lose weight.  I was miserable and scared about my wellbeing.

Here we are a year later.  I'm fatter than ever and as miserable as ever.

This picture from Christmas made me so sad:

This needs to be my motivation to lose weight.  My health needs to be my motivation.   SOMETHING needs to be my motivation.

We haven't weighed in at work yet, but that's coming soon.

PS: How 'bout them mad photo editing skills, am I right?

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The joke that is true but not funny

While stuffing my face with chocolate, I joke with a coworker about our upcoming weight loss challenge at work, "I'm pumping up my weight before the big weigh in."  She laughs and says she's doing the same thing.  

It was funny to say, but feels sad on the inside.

Not surprisingly, I use every excuse in the book to treat my body poorly.  Yes, I believe it's truly an addiction that I have. I abuse food.

I'm hoping that having this weight loss challenge at work will keep me motivated for a couple of reasons: 1) it's easier to diet when everybody else around you is doing it too 2) THE PRIZE IS MONEY!!!!!

My next post will be my weigh in number and a "before" picture.  

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Because I'm money motivated

The girls at work are starting up a weight loss challenge.  We weigh in the last week of December and pay $10.  At the end of March, we weigh in again and the person who loses the largest percentage of their weight wins the pot of money.

Since I'm clearly not motivated to lose weight for my own well being, maybe the added incentive of cash will help me out.

I really do love money.

Sunday, December 4, 2016