Sunday, April 17, 2016

High Level Embarrassment

I've been looking for a hole to crawl into for the last couple of weeks.

I guess I'll get right to the icing on the cake that's been the most humiliating incident ....

On Friday I stupidly volunteered to pick up lunch from Zaxby's for myself and 3 coworkers.  While carrying 3 full drinks, I slipped and fell in front of God and everybody. There was a man behind me who yelled "Ohh!" the way you yell at a missed field goal.  Nobody in the crowded restaurant offered to help me and  the lady behind the counter all but threw new cups at me to start filling up again.  It was the worst feeling in the world.

I can't help but think that if I had been a skinny woman, all of those men (why were so many men in there that day at that time?) would have helped me.  Someone could have done SOMETHING.  I hope that I would help someone up if I had been in line.  Ugh.  I keep replaying the incident in my head over and over.  I can't stop.  I don't even know if anybody I knew was in there because I kept my head down the rest of the time.

Sooo...this was just the end to a week that was already kind of shitty.  Just the usual self loathing and refusal to weigh myself because I'm just not interested in reality.

OH! And the reason I suggested Zaxbys was because I wanted to get a salad and straighten myself out. Dammit.

The good news is that I've tracked every bite for the last two days now. Maybe I can be humiliated into losing weight.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Food, drink, fun, more food, and more food...

Whew, it's been a busy week (two weeks?).  My friend from high school was here for three days and it took me at least a full week to get the house cleaned up enough to where I wasn't embarrassed.  :)

My friend lives in Brooklyn and has never been to Savannah.  Her first remarks were about how green our vegetation is and how it felt like she was breathing water.  Yeah, it's crazy humid even when it's not hot here.

I wish I had taken pictures of everything we ate and did while she was here, but I was living in the moment.  I took her to the tourist hot spots and had so much fun.  We went to a cute little jewelry store that I'd only been in one time previously and got some cute fire stone earrings.

We had brunch at Huey's on the river and she had her first taste of a fried green tomato, which she raved about!  The also had some of the best

I ordered the eggs benedict.  Not picture: beignets.

When we weren't eating or shopping, we were out alligator watching.  One was even sunbathing with a swollen belly.  Wonder if he had the beignets too.

Sunday night's dinner included a grilled bacon wrapped jalapeno popper.  It was far better than the breaded and fried kind.

She left today and while I loved having her around, I'm so ready to get back into my routine.  Does that make me sound old? :) I like to lay around naked after a shower. I like to fall asleep on my recliner while the tv plays.  I like to drink a cup of coffee before talking to anyone in the mornings.  These are all things that can't be done with company in the house.