Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Another day, another dollar

Today's weight: 224 (-2 from last week)

I'm very happy with the 2 pound loss. I didn't get my long walks in this weekend due to the extreme heat. On Saturday I quit after 25 minutes. On Sunday I made it 40 minutes. Usually I do an hour each day.

I did come home and ride my stationary bike though. 

This was a 3-day weekend for me and I'm dreading going back to work today. I like my job, but I like being lazy even more. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Run like you stole something

Today's weight: 226

That's a 3 pound drop since last week so I stepped on the scale 4 times to make sure it was right. But I only lost half of a pound the previous week so I think it was just evening itself out.

I've been adding some running to my walks lately.  I'm always so impressed by people who run and I've attempted to be a runner numerous times, but I just don't stick with it.  Part of my problem is that I'm slow and my endurance is poor and I give up quickly.

So I bought this book.

Honestly, I bought it a couple of years ago, but have never really read it until now.  Jeff Galloway's approach to running is to take it very conservatively and to have lots of walking breaks.  That's a plan I can get behind!!!  Both days last weekend I set out for a 3 mile walk/run.  It was mostly walking and while I was sore from my short running intervals, I felt good!  I'm not signing up for a marathon or anything, but maybe I can actually call myself a runner some day soon?!?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Point Five

Today's weight: 229 (-.5 from last week)

I'm only down half of a pound from last week, but two people at work have recently asked me if I've lost weight.  So that makes up for the very small loss :)

My exercise wasn't as good last week.  Usually I try to taking long walks on the weekends, but I got so busy on Sunday doing chores and errands that I didn't exercise at all.  This week will be better since I think I'm caught up on all of the time consuming things.

I need to start watching House of Cards from my exercise bike instead of the recliner.  There's so much good tv out there these days.  How did we live before Netflix?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Little by little

Today's weight: 229.5

That's -6.5 pounds for the month of May.

I've made a goal to fit into some old pants I have.  These are a size 16 from Old Navy and I can't even tell you how many years ago I got them.  I don't really buy pants with wide leg bottoms anymore, but I still want to fit into these again.

It's a minor miracle that they come up over my big butt.  They are TIGHT as can be on my thighs and don't come anywhere near being able to be zipped up.

I quickly took them off after these pictures were taken so that I didn't bust them at the seams :)

I've done well with exercise this past week.  I mean, it could always be better.  But it's better than last week and that's what I'm going for.  

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

4 pounder

Today's weight: 232 (-4 in three weeks!)

Currently Reading: The Whitstler by John Grisham

This book is pretty good!  You should read it.

I slept 9 hours last night and now my back is all stiff.  I don't know why I was so exhausted last night.

I'm starting to get the old lady chin.  You know the one that happens to overweight ladies over a certain age?  I'm afraid that I won't be able to get rid of it now even if I lose weight.  I've seen some people lose weight and have this double chin that just deflates and becomes a waddle.

Are there exercises to fix this?  Lotions?

I've been decent with diet and exercise lately.  Calorie counting really works for me, but I have this horrible habit of counting out a portion of M&Ms instead of eating an apple or something with better nutrition.  That's the only bad thing about counting calories, I can eat total crap as long as I don't go over 1645 calories.  The crazy thing is that I actually enjoy most fruits and vegetables.

Maybe I'm still making my little changes and the better nutrition is my next step?  I'm already working on being more active (although I could really kick this up) and my portion sizes.  So I'll make it my goal to continue doing these things while I work on eating healthier foods.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day 1 of my 38th year

Today is my 38th birthday.  God, how does time fly?  It feels like just yesterday I was living in my mom's house finishing up my senior year in college, and 9/11 was still a fresh wound.  Sometimes those days seem so far away it's impossible to imagine them.  Other days (like right now), I can remember everything about those days so vividly.

I'm not sad about turning another year older.  It even feels a little hopeful right now.

Today started off well!  I actually woke up and did a morning workout.  While I consider myself a morning person, I don't really like to exercise in the mornings because, ugh, I just woke up.  I broke out one of my oldies but goodies that I used to do all the time back in the day.

It has been so long since I've done this video that I forgot some of the moves, which is crazy considering how many times I've done it!

I'm planning to do another morning workout on Thursday.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Day 1 (again)

Calories: 1622
Exercise: About 25 minutes of upper body weights.  

I have some 5, 8, and 10 pound dumbells that I use for arms, chest and shoulders exercises.  My arms are so sore right now and I love it.

It's already getting miserably hot here.  I won't be doing a whole lot of outdoor exercising for the next few months.

I like finding exercise routines on Pinterest and blogilates.  Now if I will just stick with them.

My husband and I went to Carmax to see what they would give me for my car today.  We just did it for fun since my car is almost paid off and I'm not interested in acquiring any new debt at this time.  I like how they give you a quote and then you have 7 days to make a decision.  When I do enter the car buying market, I'll probably go to Carmax first.

Ugh, time to clean the kitchen.