Wednesday, November 2, 2016

At least I keep trying, right?

I've had my share of failures, especially when it concerns weight.  But the key is to keep trying, right?  Like I might give up each day, but I haven't given up on myself completely.

I weighed myself yesterday, which was the first day of the month and I was 237.5.  It could be MUCH worse, but it could also be better.  I have been about 3 pounds lighter for most of the year.  I did just return from vacation so I'm hoping that's why the slight increase.

I'm constantly hearing that we should make mini goals.  When things are easily attained, it doesn't feel like we're climbing mountains.  So my first goal is to be 229.5 on December 1. That gives me a full month to lose 8 pounds.  Yes, I realize Thanksgiving is this month, but I still think 8 pounds is realistic for someone my size.

Another goal I'd like is to blog more often.  When I'm not writing here it's because i'm embarrassed of my behavior. 

Does anybody else make mini goals?  Are they really easier on one's psyche?

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  1. Yes mini goals are so much easier! I make them for 'one month' or even shorter because 'seriously...we can do 'whatever' for that short time!!!' (I say that to myself with a tone of derision!! Because it really is tough still..sometimes!)

    So...8 pounds by December 1?? I think that's awesome!!!!!! I will be here rooting you on!!!! And if you need more cheering...let me know, I have email and text too! :-)

    I am the same way...when I'm not writing and posting it's usually because I'm way off the rails in this journey!!!