Saturday, September 17, 2016

On a positive note...

I swear I don't only write about negative stuff.  Today will be all positive!

First, I had my physical on Wednesday.  My weight stayed the same as last year, but my labs have improved.  I had borderline high cholesterol the last two years.  This year, I had a drop so that my number was safely in normal range.  The doctor even said that the drop was all with my bad cholesterol.  Maybe that whole thing about drinking red wine being good for you is true.  The whole month before I had my labs drawn, I had been drinking a glass about every other night.

I weighed in at 240 in the doctor's office, but that was at 11 a.m. after I had been eating and drinking all morning and I was fully dressed.  Any REAL dieter knows that the only weight that counts is the one first thing in the morning, stark naked, after emptying everything you can possibly can from the innards. 

I managed to count calories today and ended the day with 1710.  Garmin tried to tell me that I burned over 900 calories from my steps today, but I'm calling BS on it.  All I did was mop the kitchen and walk around Target for a bit. There's no way I burned that many calories.  Hell, I didn't even walk 6,000 steps.

While I like keeping track of my steps, I highly doubt the accuracy of the calories burned.  Sometimes I even doubt the accuracy of the step count.  One time, back when I was using the Fitbit, I got 100 steps in while sitting at my desk stuffing envelopes. Hahahah.

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