Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Agony of Guilt

It's one thing for me to be fat, but when I'm responsible for another living being who is also getting fat, it kills me.

I don't have human children, but my dogs are absolutely my babies and when the vet told me that one of them needs to lose weight, I cringed. Hard.  How could I let my girl get so big?  Nobody knows her breed for sure, but we're certain she's a pit mix.

She's 7.5 years old now and has started plumping up in maybe the last year or year and a half.  She still runs after every squirrel that dares enter her backyard and she loves to run after tennis balls.

We currently have a large bag of dog food to go through, but then we'll start her on a Healthy Weight food.

It's times like this that I'm glad I don't have children.  The guilt I feel over a fat dog is enough to make me want to cry.  Can you imagine if I had an overweight child?  If a child ever mimicked my behavior, they would surely be overweight.  At least with a dog I can completely control what is eaten.  


  1. I thibnk, you should join Spark People, thats how I started. I'm not very active there, but I have some good friends. Love the support.
    Its not good to feel guilty.
    I know, I'm no way perfect, but I do advise you to please stop feeling bad.


    PS- there are many groups, that motivate you. I too have joined a group.

    (I go by NewZee add me)

    1. Ooooh. I signed up for sparkpeople years ago. I need to see if I can still remember my login.