Monday, January 2, 2017

Blank Slate

Today's weigh in was 236.

Let us move on.

I took some pictures, please excuse the mess and the dirty mirror.  I plan to clean today, I swear.

I should have asked my husband to take the pictures because the angle is all weird on these.  I'll have to do some better ones in another post.

Do you notice how I'm starting to get knock-kneed?  It's my right knee that bends inward.  Luckily it's still slight at this point, but it is worrisome.  I assume this is related to being so overweight for so long?  I'm not having any pain yet (KNOCK ON WOOD....REAL WOOD), but I know that things like this only get worse with age.

There will never be a thigh gap for me...hahah.

I've found a good YouTube video by a physical therapist that gives exercises, mostly stretches, to help reduce knock-knees.  I'm hoping this will help my legs.  Oh yeah, I'm also hoping that losing weight will help my legs.

So I guess Tuesdays will be my weigh in day from now on.   I'm feeling motivated!


  1. Well done for taking the photos. You have inspired me to do the same. I hear you about the thigh gap never known one myself lol. Tuesdays are also my weigh in day as I feel weekends are my best days andit takes my body that long to realise it lol lol.

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  3. I haven't taken photos (or measurements) in a while. It would be a good idea to start the year with those so I can compare when I reach my goals this year! :) As for thigh gap, blah, who cares. Over-rated!

  4. You've got the starting weight...and the starting pictures! Let's get ready to celebrate the success!!!

    By the way...the background looked fine...couple of dogs...not really messy!!!