Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Point Five

Today's weight: 229 (-.5 from last week)

I'm only down half of a pound from last week, but two people at work have recently asked me if I've lost weight.  So that makes up for the very small loss :)

My exercise wasn't as good last week.  Usually I try to taking long walks on the weekends, but I got so busy on Sunday doing chores and errands that I didn't exercise at all.  This week will be better since I think I'm caught up on all of the time consuming things.

I need to start watching House of Cards from my exercise bike instead of the recliner.  There's so much good tv out there these days.  How did we live before Netflix?


  1. It's great your co-workers complimented you on your weight loss! It's motivating when others notice. I trick myself to run on the treadmill more by not letting myself watch TV on YouTube unless I am running. Makes the treadmill almost bearable!

  2. I love that you got compliments/comments! That is huge....much more important than any number on the scale!!!!!!

  3. Every little bit helps. Sometimes I wish we had a treadmill or something for those Netflix marathons :)