Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Is it really almost July?

Today's weight: 223 (-1 from last week)

This is a good weigh in considering I ate pizza twice last week!

I know I've talked about my knock knees before, but I'm obsessing over them. I really hope that exercise and weight loss will help correct this problem.

I'm lying on my back in that picture with my feet up the wall.  I feel like I'm so deformed in that picture. I know I'm still a fairly mild case, but everything starts off mild before becoming severe.  Standing with my feet together is very difficult and can't be done for more than a few seconds. 

I've been doing some stretches that I found on YouTube for knock knees, but I don't see a difference yet. I just need to keep working on improving my overall physical wellbeing.

I've already picked out my workout for tonight.

I haven't done this DVD in ages.  It's going to be so hard! I'm honestly looking forward to it because my workouts have been feeling kind of easy lately(Yay!).


  1. When your workout becomes easy it means your getting stronger!

    Congratulations on the loss for this week.

  2. It is good to have a plan...let us know how the workout goes.

    1. It was so hard that I thought I couldn't finish it. But I took several breaks and got through it! Thanks :)

  3. Great job losing a pound! I have never done that workout but have heard of Ellen Barrett. Sounds like a good workout.