Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Little by little

Today's weight: 229.5

That's -6.5 pounds for the month of May.

I've made a goal to fit into some old pants I have.  These are a size 16 from Old Navy and I can't even tell you how many years ago I got them.  I don't really buy pants with wide leg bottoms anymore, but I still want to fit into these again.

It's a minor miracle that they come up over my big butt.  They are TIGHT as can be on my thighs and don't come anywhere near being able to be zipped up.

I quickly took them off after these pictures were taken so that I didn't bust them at the seams :)

I've done well with exercise this past week.  I mean, it could always be better.  But it's better than last week and that's what I'm going for.  


  1. You are soooo close to fitting in those pants!!!!!

  2. Found your blog through MaryFran's but congrats on getting those 16s up! You'll be actually wearing them in no time I bet!

  3. You are getting there!!! Great loss for May :)

  4. I am doing the same with a denim skirt I am hoping to be wearing comfortably on a cruise I am going on in October.