Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Miracle weigh in

Today's weight: 221.5 (-.5 from last week)

Well, I'm very happy with this weigh in because I've only been back from vacation for 1.5 days. Vacation consisted of burgers, pizza, beer, ice cream, etc.  but it was fun! I'm ready to be on track and to start exercising again. Isn't it weird to be at a point where exercise is fun?

I made an effort to control my portions while on vacation without denying myself any of the good stuff. Obviously that strategy worked!!!!!

Going back to work was so hard on Monday. I still have so much catching up to do. I'd rather go back to bed, hahaha.


  1. Congratulations on the loss. Hope your vacation was awesome. Sounds like you had a great eating plan that worked for you.

  2. Hurray for a post vacation loss!!! I am weighing in tomorrow (first since vacation) and have my fingers crossed for a decent number :)

  3. What a huge victory on the scales!!!!!! A loss on a vacation week!!!!! You rock!!!

    Good luck getting back into the routine of everyday life!!!

  4. Great job with your weigh in! I feel like that (like going back to bed) EVERY Monday, ha ha.