Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Today's weight: 223 (+1.5 from last week. Boo. Hiss.)

I was insatiable on Sunday.  I ate from the minute I woke up until the minute I went to bed.  I even tried to take a nap to keep myself from eating for an hour, and I woke up craving Twizzlers.  Like, really, who craves Twizzlers?

My period is due to start tomorrow.  Can that be my excuse?

Oh!  I have another excuse!  Sunday night my husband tried to weigh himself and the scale flashed a red 0 and that's all.  So I tried to weigh and it also flashed a red 0.  He replaced the battery last night so maybe the new battery made me gain a pound and a half.

I'll just keep thinking of excuses if I don't get up from this computer.  Time to just buckle down and do the damn thing.


  1. Darn pesky scales!!! I skipped them this morning...but will have to face them tomorrow for my weekly 'official' weigh in....and I are from sunup to sundown yesterday.....my excuses are similar to yours...monthly curse!!!!

  2. I'm using excuses this week too.

  3. The battery thing really could be the cause, not just an excuse. My scale weighs inaccurately and inconsistently if the battery is dying, and then replacing the battery brings it back to normal.