Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Confessions of a chronic food abuser

Today's weight: 227

Highest weight of 2017: 236
Lowest weight of 2017:  221.5

The past few weeks have been awful and my excuses are very weak (yet plentiful).  I wanted to come here and list them all, but there's no need.  I let my feelings and stress levels dictate the amount of money spent in the McDonalds drive thru.  I let boredom lead me to bags of popcorn and boxes of Little Debbies.  I wash frustrations and anxiety down with soda.

My skinny work friend eats spoonfuls of natural peanut butter while telling me to follow a certain diet.  My other skinny work friend wants me to sign up for 5k races to run with her, even though she'd be lucky to get a brisk walk out of me for a whole 5k.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to deal with some god awful allergies I have going on right now.  I'm worried about having my blood pressure taken since the last time I took it on my own it was 132/93.

I realize I haven't written since getting back from the evacuation.  Thanks for all the well wishes!  We were without power few a couple of days and my neighbor got flooded, but we survived Hurricane Irma well.


  1. This post is very honest. Keep going.

  2. I've had horrible allergies this year too. I feel like I should just duct-tape tissues to my nose! Hope your doctor can help you out.

  3. Hope your feeling better.

    My weight seems to have stalled this year. I'm stuck in the same 5 pound range and can't get out. Hoping to make some progress next year. Hang in there, we can do this!!!