Sunday, February 14, 2016

But the top of the muffin is tastiest

Happy Valentine's Day!

The work stress is gone for the moment. I crunch numbers for a living (because I lead a super wild and interesting life) and occasionally we have auditors breathing down our necks for a few days at a time. They're gone for now so I'm back to my normal stress level and not nuclear bomb stress level.

My size 18 pants are tight. Honestly, they've been tight for a year now but they're currently digging into my gut so I thought I'd mention it. I have a closet full of 16 and 14s and there's NO WAY my brain will allow me to buy 20s so I will suffer from muffintop and the inability to take a deep breath while clothed until I lose weight. Surely that's incentive.

I usually take my lunch to work, but on Friday I NEEDED pizza. Yes, needed. Don't argue with me. So I got a personal pan from the local pizza joint and it was so delicious that I couldn't even regret it.  I know it's possible to eat pizza and still be skinny so we can't go around beating ourselves up all the time. Like if I had eaten a whole large pizza, then maybe I'd need to re-evaluate some life choices.

So far this year (all 2 months of it) I've weighed myself on only the first of the months. I'm sticking with this trend because in true number cruncher style, I'm easily obsessed with the number on the scale. In my younger days, the scale dictated my mood for the day and I'm just too old for that crap. If I'm going to be pissed off all day, it's because I stepped in dog poo or ran out of coffee, not because my weight is up a fraction of a pound.


  1. well I know how the need FOR pizza needs to be met ASAP.
    Hope you have a great week :)

  2. I know how you feel about the numbers on the scale dictating how you feel. For as long as I can remember I have been feeling that way. This year I decided I was going to give myself I break so I hid my scale.

  3. I think you are dead on with your belief about the pizza you had. You don't do it every day and you kept it at a personal pan...not a huge pizza!

    Work with the scales in whatever manner is best for your personality. I think how you described yourself that once a month is PERFECT!