Tuesday, February 16, 2016

An Agony

One of the many agonies of being fat is that I can't find a workout partner on my level.  One of my BFFs is a big girl like me and has a Planet Fitness membership like me.  We plan to go just about every weekend, but one of us always cancels.  This has been going on for a few months now.

Then I have my skinny work friends who want to workout with me and I'm so frustratingly slow and NOT on their levels that I just can't make myself go with them.  These are girls who run and spin and do all the other things I dream about.  So when I'm out of breath 10 minutes into a walk and they are yelling "let's go, pick up the pace!" I feel terrible about myself.

My husband has a very physical job and is so wiped out by the time he gets home that he doesn't want to do anything except sit on the couch.

I just need to find my own motivation.  I need to worry about my health and take control of my own lifestyle.

I realize this post sounds a little whiny, but maybe someone out there can relate.

I'm in a fancy hotel room in Atlanta tonight because we have a work seminar thing all day tomorrow.  I'm not very excited about hitting the rush hour traffic tomorrow evening, but it is what it is.


  1. I would love to "run with the big dogs" on the exercise front, but I am not there at the moment. Could you meet the work friends at the gym, but then do your own thing for awhile - hit the treadmill while they spin. Then maybe meet up at the end of the workout to do some of the weight machines. When I go to the gym with my husband I can not even remotely keep up with him, but it is nice to know he is there even if we are doing our own things.

  2. I have always wanted to have a workout partner.....more specifically a running buddy. But it has just never worked out for me. I can't find someone that is even remotely close to my level. (slower than a turtle going through peanut butter is my pace!)

  3. 1. Excuses
    2. You and your "big girl" BFF should hire a personal trainer to do five or six small group sessions with the two of you to teach you some proper techniques and effective workout scheduling. Maybe if you put some $$$ on the line, you'll be motivated to actually show up.
    3. Planet Fitness is basically a gym for people who don't want to do much, but maybe ask your location about doing a one-day seminar for beginners to get them acquainted with the equipment, etc.
    4. Your weight is determined 80% by your diet. No workout can out-work poor choices/overeating. You can't atone for eating sins with exercise, nor does exercising earn you the right to eat more or eat junk. Eat for nutrition, exercise for fitness (cardiovascular endurance, muscular/skeletal strength & flexibility).
    5. Accept that big, meaningful, permanent changes need to be made to achieve what you want. Then implement them.