Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Stress Will Eat You

This has been an insane week at work and it's only Thursday.  I know we're not supposed to wish our lives away, but I'm ready for it to be the weekend.

Work stress has killed my eating and sleeping this week.  I had several days in a row of good eating last week with lots of activity and solid sleeping, but now here I am feeling puffy and run down and just generally blah.

I know that stress makes me eat, but it also makes me cranky and possibly a little depressed.  I fully intend to get back on track today though.  Hopefully a solid workout and fewer french fries will lift my mood.

My husband has also had some work stress and when we talk about his day, I start to feel his stress too, you know?  Like sympathy stress.

The good news is (or is this the bad news?) that since I've cut out chocolate, I haven't had an episode of my heart racing.  ALSO, I haven't had to take any heartburn medicine.  Apparently I really have a sensitivity to chocolate and either I didn't put two and two together or maybe I was in denial over it.  Either way, I feel so much healthier not eating it.


  1. Thank heavens cutting the chocolate has totally solved the racing heart issues! And just think about the fact that you won't be having those calories! :-) It's a win win!

    I start wishing my life away each Monday when I return to work after the weekend! ha ha ha

  2. cutting out chocolate is always good news (i just had a whole bar)

  3. Some weeks are hard not to wish away - I am in work stress season for sure and need to remember to not lean on food for relief. Sorry chocolate is a source of trouble for you, but great job identifying and rectifying a problem.