Monday, February 29, 2016

Always starting over

With every new month (or new year, new week, new season, etc.) I try and try again.  I continually have to start over because by the end of the previous month, I've lost all of my motivation to do the things necessary to lose weight.

I worry about heart disease and diabetes.  I worry about losing mobility and losing independence.  I worry about all of the things that are scary and depressing, but apparently I don't worry about them enough to change my lifestyle.

My husband has Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which I'm sure he's very happy to know that I'm telling the internet about (I love you, honey!!!!) and his symptoms are best controlled with a low fiber diet.  So most of the meals we cook at home are heavy on the white rice, potatoes and pasta.  Since fresh salads tear up his insides and I tend to let them go to waste, I bought a Ninja blender to make it easier for me to get in fruits and veggies.  I love green smoothies and used to make them regularly in my big old clunky blender, but it was time to upgrade.

Remember those Bullet blender things with the long infomercials where they made everything from pasta sauces, to muffin batter to a frozen sorbet dessert?  Some infomercials are so entertaining!

My first smoothie contained frozen blueberries, spinach, almond milk, ground flax and a banana.  So yummy!!!!  I went to GNC thinking I'd buy some protein powder, but that stuff is SO expensive and the tubs are all way too big.  I'd rather boil an egg or grab a slice of cheese to go with a smoothie.  Ooohh, I could also add peanut butter to one.


Have y'all been binge watching Fuller House? I love it!  It's a bit cheesy, but I'm a big ol' lover of cheese.

Also, the new season of House of Cards comes out on Friday and I'm so excited because, you know, I don't watch enough tv as it is.


  1. Here's to a new start. I am proud of you for not giving up :) I didn't realize House of Cards came out Friday - guess I know what we are doing this weekend :)

  2. Always room to restart! :-) It's only when we give up that we fail!