Friday, March 18, 2016

It might be getting better

Apparently when I wrote my last post, I was PMSing.  No wonder I had been pigging out and had low energy.  My period finally came today and I'm suddenly not as hungry anymore.  In fact, I've been counting calories today and will easily hit my goal of staying under 1800.

We got Sushi from Publix tonight.

I'm a weenie and usually get the veggie sushi.  Although I did get the salmon and cream cheese kind last weekend and it was pretty good.

Publix has started putting calorie counts on the sushi and I'm so happy/excited at how much you get to eat for 600 or less.

My bff from college is coming to town tomorrow!!!!  I'm so excited.  Usually I have to go up there (Ohio) to see her, but she's driving through to Florida and is making an extra special stop in Savannah for the night.

I definitely won't be drinking since I'll have to drive, but we will probably go out for a bite.  This is actually my first friend to teach me how to count calories. Isn't it funny what you bond over with some people?


  1. I have only tried a couple different sushi rolls. I should sneak in some more :) Hope you had a great weekend with your BFF.

  2. So glad that things have seemed to regulate with your eating! That's huge! :-) Have fun with your friend!!


  3. I agree with May...always good to find and create the balance. I'm pms'ing currently and its taking me on a new level lol.