Friday, March 11, 2016

Longest week ever!

Did it drag or is it just me?

I finally finished House of Cards on Tuesday (or was it Wednesday?) and, um, Frank Underwood has RUINED MY LIFE.  Or maybe it's Claire who ruined it, but I know it's one of them.

Work has been challenging.  There's a coworker who brings me down with her holier than thou attitude.  I'm not the only one she bugs, but she's really getting under my skin.

Let me stop before I go on a  rant, which goes against my morals because when I started writing this blog, I vowed to not talk about work because we know how that works out for most bloggers.

Forgive me.

I'm a bachelorette this weekend since hubby is out of town.  I ordered a pizza.  Pizza is one of my bad habits that landed me writing a blog about the agony of being fat.

Look at that beaut!

I vow to ride 20 minutes per slice on my recumbent bike tonight.


  1. Oh wow...that pizza looks FABULOUS!

    I have one of those co-workers too! I just try to grin and bear it...but somedays I fear that I will snap! ha ha ha

  2. Both of those Underwoods are a serious messes!! I think this was much better than last season and I am ready for it all to blow up in their faces.