Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I'm having a hard time lately.  I wake up thinking about it being a new day and how I'm the only one who can change my life, and then someone breaks out the chips and bean dip and I'm a goner.

I have 3 different house guests coming over the next 6 weeks.  I'm not one who entertains a whole lot so I'm stressed out. Is my house ever going to be clean enough? It's small and we have 3 dogs so I'm always afraid that it smells like dog. How embarrassing.  But I love my dogs far more than I love most people so they are allowed to stink it up.

I'm also a little stressed about money.  I've been doing well with my budget and paying down debt, but will I suddenly have to spend a lot of money while entertaining guests?  Am I expected to serve wine and fancy cheeses?  Can it be Diet Coke and Cheetos?  I've honestly been on Pinterest asking these very questions.

I spent an hour on the treadmill Saturday and felt guilty for not being at home scrubbing carpets.  Hahaha.  That just sounds silly now.

I'm giving myself a daily cleaning task so that little by little everything should be spotless.  Last night I scrubbed the HECK out of the tub. It's so shiny and my husband said it felt sterile like a hospital when he showered this morning.  Today's goal is to organize all of the clothes that aren't properly folded or on hangers.  It's not a huge pile, but it's an ugly pile.

Another goal today is to not stress.  Just do what has to be done and quit letting it get to me.  Hopefully this will help with my eating too since I'm a stress eater.


  1. You do NOT have to serve wine and fancy cheese!!! Be yourself! And for heavens sake.....don't break the bank for the house guests. If they are friends they are coming to visit YOU....not to eat expensive food and certainly not to look at the cleanliness of your house!!!!!!!

  2. Everything that MaryFran said! I think casual is the way to go. If you really want to do something fancy I think limit to one special dish/meal out of the visit.