Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Making of a Fat Woman

The only good thing about being sick is the diminished appetite. I'm actually not going to bed feeling stuffed and miserable.

Monday night I slathered Vicks VapoRub on my chest and got on the recumbent bike while watching tv.  I made it about 12 minutes before my respiratory system rebelled.  At least I tried, right?

Tuesday night and tonight were spent doing all of the chores that I slacked on for the last week while being sick so I've done a lot of movement by doing laundry, dishes and mopping the kitchen.  Oh!  I also put away the delivery truck at work today so that was kind of exercise.

I've been blowing my nose so much that it's all dry and flaky and super sexy looking right now.

Here I am in my natural habitat....

That picture is a good motivator for me to get up and exercise, but I'm still not feeling 100%.

Have y'all been watching Making a Murderer on Netflix? I'm a bit of a true crime junkie so I'm digging it.


  1. In the last week I have heard soo much about making a Murderer! I have GOT to check it out!!!!!

    Feel better! Follow the signs of your body with what you can do!

  2. Just found our blog...good on you for writing - it does help. Do you have any general idea about how you're going to move forward?