Friday, January 29, 2016

When in Rome...

There's a reason that Colorado is the skinniest state in the country.  I come from one of the fattest states so I can really tell the difference.  This arid climate and the majestic mountains promote fitness.  I feel like I can walk forever when I'm here (thankfully the weather is incredible this trip).  I've been far more active here than I ever am at home.  I know it's partly because I'm on vacation, but it's also the atmosphere here.  It makes me want to be outside and moving around.

Ok, so I'm no expert photographer, but trust me, it's gorgeous out here.

We've been walking a ton and I caught a glimpse of myself in a shop mirror.  I'm not really horrified by my reflection anymore, but I still feel bummed.

It's my side view though, ugh.  My belly is huge and utterly unhealthy.

While I love being here(and not at work!), I'm almost desperate to get back home and on a routine.  Maybe when I come back next year, I'll be under 200 pounds.  Have I mentioned that that's my goal right now?  My current dream is to get to 199.  It feels so close yet so far away.


  1. We can do this :)
    Have you heard of sparkpeople? It's a great community to meet like minded people and start. Thats how I got into blogging!!!

    If I may, make an instagram account /snapchat share your workout (glimpse) it's silly but it makes you want to do the workout etc.

    I'm 145 pounds but started at 160 lbs.
    You can do this :)

  2. btw- pics are good I have not been Colorado I hope I can :)

  3. That is an excellent goal and I'm going to cheer you on and celebrate with you when you SMASH that goal!!!!