Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pain in the behind

I tweaked something in my back a few days ago and while it's not Pain with a capital P, it's still an annoying little ache. I've been doing exercise for back pain videos from youtube.  I can't believe how much free material there is out there!

The most annoying thing about having back pain is that you make involuntary noises when bending over.  On one hand, it's a little funny, on the other hand it makes me sound like an old broken down woman.

One of the things I've read while searching for natural back pain relief, is that people with weak backs need to do core exercises. I used to be a big fan of yoga and pilates so I'm slowly making my way back into those things.  Becoming a yoga instructor was a fantasy of mine a few years ago. It's not just the fitness that I love from yoga, but the mindfulness and relaxation that I love.  I remember taking a hot yoga class a few years ago and leaving with a feeling that a weight had been taken off my shoulders.

Another thing that I loved about yoga and pilates is how they both helped flatten out my stomach. Even being overweight, I had a relatively flat stomach when I exercised regularly.  Now I've got rolls galore.

My pain is in my lower back, right above my right butt cheek.  It feels better when I'm up moving around so I'm hopeful this is a short term deal.


  1. Yikes! Take care of the back! And yes yes yes...CORE STRENGTH is so important!

  2. I injured my back years ago, and it likes to sneak up and give me grief every now and then. So I hear you on those involuntary noises when you bend over!

  3. I have a book called Better Back and they recommend (I used to get lower back problems) that you move it's not too painful. I'd like in bed and that apparently not a good thing. And an ice pack for the first couple of days and then heat packs. I also followed a few of the easy exercises in the book and I found I was over it a lot quicker than what I was doing before. If you google you'll find some good exercises for your back.