Sunday, January 17, 2016

Overeating and overspending

I downloaded the Blogger app on my ipad mini thinking that it would help me write more often, but the app is very limited.  Also, I'm old so I don't figure things out as easily as I used to.  I do love technology though.

Yesterday was sort of a sucky day.  Well, the only thing that sucked was my behavior around food.  Everything else went well.

We dropped off my little boy at the groomer (I have 3 dogs, no human children) and walked down to Moe's restaurant (WELCOME TO MOE'S!!!!) for a little late lunch.  Only it was anything but little.  I had a burrito bowl plus a stupid amount of chips and queso and, of course, sweet tea because I'm Southern and that's what we do.  I left that place feeling miserable and barely wanting to walk.  Ugh, why do I do that to myself?  It was awful, seriously awful.

My dog won't sit still for a picture (or for anything, really), but he looks adorable!

We went to the Flea Market last weekend when it was actually cold and my husband took a picture of me walking from behind. Unfortunately for you, that's the picture I'm posting instead of one of my cute dog.

I also ended up spending much more money than I wanted yesterday.  I bought some new luggage because it's definitely time to retire my old duffle bags and I have a trip in a couple of weeks.  Who knew a suitcase could cost so much money? I'm not into designer labels or anything, I just got an average suitcase that would hold my stuff and roll around on wheels.  It was $60!!!  I sure hope my tax return looks good this year because credit card debt ain't cute and I've got my share of it.

Today's goal is to make a REAL effort to track my calories and not spend any money.


  1. Today is a new day. Don't beat yourself up over yesterday. Do ONE thing today that's going to make YOU better.

  2. Our past doesn't define our future. WE create our future!

    I just bought a new duffle bag (my regular luggage is ok for a bit longer...but I use my duffle bag for short weekend trips!) and it shocked me how much I spent!

    I am with you....SOOOO hoping for a nice tax return....I have things I need to take care of (some lab work/medical bills will be arriving in the mail any day...and I desperately need my eyes checked and a new prescription of contacts!)

  3. Just star over..I have been starting over for few weeks, it's ok...we are humans!!!

    I also have spent a lot of dough the funny bit is I dont even recall where I spent!