Monday, January 4, 2016

Unhappy New Year

I'm trying not to dwell, I really am. But the New Year has been off to a rough start and I hope this doesn't set the tone for the next 12 months.

First things first, I weighed in at 234.5. That bums me out terribly.

Secondly, (TMI warning!!!!) My little chihuahua had two huge bloody stools. Like so much blood it's hard to imagine it came out of a little 10-pound body. This led to an emergency vet visit, which led to a $364 bill, which led to me whipping out an already overused credit card. The stress of it all also led me straight to McDonalds because that's how I deal with life. At least my baby girl will be ok.

This unexpected bill is in addition to the one I got on Christmas Eve for $304 when we had to be towed over 130 miles home after our truck broke down on the way to family Christmas festivities.

ALSO, I woke up New year's day with a lump in my throat and runny nose. Because, you know, being broke and overweight ain't any fun without being sick.

I have a membership to Planet Fitness that is only $10 per month, but at this rate that's a lot of money to be giving away since I don't go, like, ever.

Woe is me.

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  1. Oh my word! Thank heavens your sweet puppy is OK!!!!!

    Instead of seeing negative in your post...I see positive. Your dog may have cost you money....but you had a credit card with funds available to pay for the pup's emergency medical bill. The same for the truck AND you were safe and the breakdown didn't result in a crash or injury!

    You and I are roughly the same weight.....and while it IS depressing.......there is hope. Hope? Yes, we are the ones that can change how the next chapter in our life is going to be written. Get your booty to Planet Fitness. Start watching what you eat and lets fix the weight issue. And I say 'lets' because I'm just about the same weight. I also have a Planet Fitness membership that has been woefully unused for for the last month and it depresses me! So once again...lets fix this! We can do it!